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Denso Fuel Pump Installation
2G FWD Turbo ('97 Spyder)

by Mark Purney

* Parts of this installation may be different for 1G or AWD cars.

Denso 150 lph. pump shown next to a factory fuel filter.
Remove rear seat by pulling out locks and lifting.
Rear seat removed.

Remove cover plate.
Cover plate shown removed.
Depressurize the fuel line: Disconnect the pump as shown, and start the car until it stops running.

NOTE: At this time, remove gas fill cap
to prevent air pressure from pushing fuel out
of the hoses when you disconnect them.

DO NOT try and disconnect the outlet hose (brass fitting) at the pump. This fitting does not rotate, so doing so would twist the hose. You must go under the car and disconnect the fitting on the other end of the hose first as shown (19mm and 14mm flare nut wrenches).

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