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Project Forced Induction - Construction
a case mod by Mark Purney

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Early concept rendering of the computer's flame design

New PC case before we chopped it up

Holes cut for the intake and lights

The frame pieces are cut from 1" square steel tubing.

Sparks are cool

Test fit of PC support frame

TIG welding of the frame was done at Shearer Fabrications.



Thanks, Ron!


Frame welding completed

Mounting plate welded to frame

Mounting holes drilled, surface prepped for paint

Flame pattern is laid out with 1/8" tape

Mask is applied over flame layout and cut to expose painted area

Color coats are airbrushed on to the surface, followed by a polyurethane clear coat

Primer is applied to the computer support frame

Blue and copper pearl colors are sprayed on the frame

Primer applied to intake pipe

Color-shifting paint is applied to intake pipe

Flames are laid out with mask on the computer case

The plastic front is primered

Yellow and orange shades sprayed for the flame base colors, using a spray gun

Red and purple highlights are added to the flames using an airbrush

The mask is removed to reveal the finished flames

The (reduced size) replica of the license plate is cut from aluminum sheet

Primer is sprayed on the aluminum

The base color is a mix of white and aluminum metallic paint

The amber base color is airbrushed to match that of the real plate

A vinyl mask is applied for the blue and red lettering

Here, the finished plate is compared to a real Ohio license plate

The T25 turbocharger is pulled off the shelf

A little polishing makes it shine

A little color on the compressor housing

Garrett T25 (originally from '97 Eclipse Spyder)
CompUSA #298807 (FMI DX01BLD)
1" square steel
Intake pipe:
2" mandrel steel
Createx Auto Air; opaque, pearl, chameleon, candy, and translucent colors
Clear Coat:
Badger 150
Spray gun:
Sharpe siphon-feed

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