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Denso Fuel Pump Rewiring Instructions Page 1
2G FWD Turbo ('97 Spyder)

by Mark Purney

* Even though crimp connectors are used here, DO NOT trust them.
Solder everything, including the crimped connections. I also recommend
soldering the push-on tab connectors to the relay tabs so they cannot
come loose.

* Use 10 gauge or heavier wire to run from the battery to the pump.
* Any place where the wire comes in contact with sheet metal or some other edges where it could wear on the insulation, use splitloom tubing or some other means of protecting the wire from damage which could cause a short to blow the fuse.
* Parts of this installation may be different for 1G, AWD, or non-Spyder cars.

Some of the components you may need - all available from Radio Shack.
Not shown: Crimp connectors for the push-on tabs on the relay.

Some of the tools you may need.
Remove rear seat by pulling out locks and lifting.
Rear seat removed.
Remove cover plate.
Cover plate shown removed.
There's really no text for this image. Hi, how ya doin?

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