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Death Before Dishonor
a computer case mod by Mark Purney

Klingon Case Mod
Inside the case
Top Handle
PC Case Mod Image

Original Case Photo

Original case

This computer case mod was a rush job. The paint work was done entirely within in a 6-hour period, from primer to clear cloat.

It was done as an entry in the "Monster Box" contest held by 2CoolTek.com. The contest permitted a 6 day period to modify an old PC case without spending over $100. I was only able to work on it during 2 of those 6 days. It received an honorable mention as one of the top 4 entries.

This PC is now used in the recording studio.

Day 1:

The window pattern was sketched on to the side of the case. The plexiglass window material was cut a bit larger to fit behind the cutout.:
Window Cutting Window Cutting Window Cutting

The window and fan openings in the side panel are cut out with a die grinder and fiberglass cutting wheel, along with various other attachments and bits:
Window Cutting Window Cutting Window Cutting Window Cutting Window Cutting Window Cutting

The cut edges are smoothed with a die grinder, carbide burrs, and a flapper wheel, and then the whole piece is sandblasted:
Window Cutting Window Cutting Window Cutting

Next, I wanted to have a unique fan intake on the front panel. A Dremel is used to cutting this pattern right into the plastic of the front of the case. If you recognize the symbol, give yourself 10 geek points.
Intake Cutting Intake Cutting Intake Cutting Intake Cutting Intake Cutting

The free alternative to laser etching: Using vinyl mask, I produced the outline of the Klingon emblem. The emblem is sandblasted right into the plexiglass, and then some chameleon blue paint is sprayed on the etched surface to provide that laser etched look.
Sandblast Etch Sandblast Etch Sandblast Etch Sandblast Etch Sandblast Etch

The "LAN Party" handle is made using some scrap steel leftover from our Turbo PC frame. This PC was (at one time) loaded with so many cards, drives, and components, that it was the the heaviest computer I've ever lifted.
Sandblast Etch Sandblast Etch

Day 2:

The handle is welded to the cop of the case. Unfortunately, the welds look terrible because this was a cheap, gasless flux-core welder that I was borrowing at the time.
Handle Welding Handle Welding Handle Welding Handle Welding

Some rebar is used to add Klingon texture to the top of the case. Klingons aren't much for decoration, but this piece of "flair" could easily be used to crush the skull of a superior officer, making it a handy accessory for the ambitious Klingon warrior on the fast track to success.
Welding Welding Welding Welding

Primer is sprayed on all surfaces, after degreasing and prepping.
Primer Primer Primer Primer PrimerPrimer Primer Primer

With the time limits, I just started airbrushing without really having a specific design in mind.
Airbrushing Airbrushing Airbrushing Airbrushing

More airbrushing. The chameleon paint is much more interesting in person.
Airbrushing Airbrushing Airbrushing Airbrushing Airbrushing

The plexiglass window is attached to the side panel, and the PC motherboard and components are installed:
Plexiglass Window
Install Parts

Here are some photos of the finished case mod:
Finished View Finished View Finished ViewFinished View Finished View Finished View

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