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A custom paint job with an automotive clear coat finish can take a custom PC to the next level. Whether it's flames with color-shifting paint, or your company logo done with candy shades over metallic sparkles, life is more interesting when you go beyond the ordinary.
Featured in Maximum PC (Dec. 2003) and PC Extreme (Jan. 2004) magazines.

How many times have you heard the phrase, "Turbocharge your PC"? We don't talk about overclocking our cars, so why are the marketing idiots of the world all "turbocharging" everything from PCs to tax calculating software? It's just stupid and overused. This project was my way of saying, "Enough already!"

This T-25 turbo (stock turbo from my Mitsubishi Eclipse) blows cool air into the front of the case. It's more aesthetic than functional, but after many years of people talking about turbocharging their PCs, this is the first time it's ever actually been done!

Case on Fire

Case on Fire
(Realistic Flames)

This is our latest case, and our favorite by far. A great deal of time was spent on the clearcoat to make it like glass.

We're using this for our Core2Duo system, but the case (just the case, not the components inside) is "for sale" if someone makes an offer we like. If you are seriously interested in the case, please use the contact link on our home page and let us know your offer.

Speed Racer PC

Overlapping 3D flames, a Mach 5, and a custom plexiglass window cut into the flame pattern makes this case really stand out on the desktop.

This one goes to 11.

Speed Racer PC Case

Klingon Case
Featured in Computer Power User's
" PC Modder"
(Spring 2004).

Death Before Dishonor
(the Klingon Case)

Something for the Star Trek nerds. This case was converted from stock to finished in just 2 days, including custom side fan and window cut-outs, front fan Klingon emblem cutout, welded "LAN party" handle on top, sandblast-etched logo on plexiglass window, and a custom paint job with automotive clear coat.

Oh yeah, and some red lights for the inside, because case modding is all about the storebought junk, at least according to the computer stores.

We are currently taking a break from painting, but hope to have more time in the future for some new designs.

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