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Handmade Metal Sculpture
by Mark Purney

One day I decided it might be fun to work with copper. With so many hobbies I don't have the time for, what's one more? So I bought an oxyacetylene torch and started reading books from the library on how to safely use a torch, and a few books on how to braze copper (they sure make it look easy in the books). I didn't know any copper artists so I was completely on my own, and I've never had any kind of background or training in art or working with metal. What better way to learn?

I taught myself how to burn holes in copper sheet and generate scrap. Eventually, I started getting better at it. Metal shaping and welding is challenging, but becomes very rewarding when you can finally produce the results you want.

I started off with some flowers (see links below), and I hope to find the time to get into many more copper scuplture projects in the future.

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